Token distribution made as simple as a single click

CoinSender allows fast and simple tokens distribution amongst your employees, participants of staking pools, airdrops, and other forms of multi-transaction payouts in crypto. Just link your wallet and set the list of your recipients – we’ll do the rest


Ecosystem, wallets and partners

Get Started with CoinSender

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Sign In

Just sign up and log in to your account to get
started. It will take less than a minute.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet, which you are going to
use for salary payments.

Make a Transfer

Select the list of employees and transfer them
all at once. Send customized invoices, receive
invoices for payment.

Send invoice

Send an individual invoice to a partner
from the created list for payment

Our Features

  • Flexible and Easy to Use

    Service APIs, Simple intuitive UI, automated recipients lists collection feature and other convenient tools.

  • Billing

    Convenient sending of invoices to partners. Customizable invoice constructor with all the necessary functionality.

  • Wallet Integration

    CoinSender operates with funds allocated directly in your Web3.0 wallet and doesn’t require you to send funds to any other wallets but to your recipients’ ones.

  • Smart Contracts

    Secure and undeniable smart contract based process settings for token distribution flows.

  • Massive Crypto Payouts

    Our solution processes complicated multi-transaction payments to your crypto drop/pool participants or employees in the fastest and the most convenient way.

  • Decentralized Database

    Transparent track of fund distribution history, transactions breakdown, secure blockchain-based storage

  • Security Compliance

    The CoinSender team constantly analyzes and upgrades the application’s security systems and layers in order to keep it matching with up-to-date cybersecurity requirements and compliance.

Product Roadmap

Keep track of everything we are working on for Coinsender


In Progress

To Do


Coinsender concept foundation

Market research and detailed system

Team formation and onboarding

Development stage launch

UI/UX design concept development

Finalizing v0.1 and Godwoken testnet

Community building

Godwoken Mainnet

MVP launch (Salary payment tool)

In Progress

Clients lists                                 

Database interaction update

User Experience Improvement

Invoice customizations

Documentation refresh

Localization of the platform to other languages

To Do

Platform token launch


Close beta tests

Adding new blockchain-supported extensions

Fixing Bugs

Public Alpha Testnet

Improvement of the platform by feedbacks


Connecting new markets

Referral Program